Monocrystalline 375 watt 72 cell solar panel with high efficiency

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Monocrystalline 72 cells Solar panel from

       China Manufacturer Qineng Photovoltaic Tech.

  • Qi neng® photovoltaic technology, srive to build the most competitive solar photovoltaic production base in the world.


  • ZPV375M-72 monocrystalline 72 cells Solar panel is made up of high quality solar cell with high efficiency and transmission rate, low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA, high flame resistant TPT and anodized aluminum alloy.


  • High module conversion efficiency up to 17% through innovative manufacturing technology. Manufacturing with CE standard, could widely used in solar power station, building, solar street lighting, traffic etc..


  • 25 years power warranty, 10 years product warranty, 0-5 w positive tolerance.
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Product Detail

solar cell
junction box
back sheet
aluminum alloy frame
eva film

Solar cell

- High efficiency solar cell more than 20%.

- High shunt-resistance: adapt the several environmental conditions.

Junction Box

- High current and voltage carrying capacity.

- Simple, quick and safe effective field assembly.

Back sheet

- High pressure resistance and high insulation.

- Shockproof and can effectively protect the cells from breaking.

- Good weather resistance, UV-resistant aging ≥25 years.

Aluminum Alloy

- Strong corrosion and oxidation resistance.

- Strong strength and firmness.

- Extrusion for construction and other industrial purposes.

- Thickness variable according special request.

EVA film

- Enhance the light transmission of the components.

- The cells are packaged to prevent the external environment from affecting the electrical performance of the cells.

- Bonding solar cells, tempered glass, back sheet together, with a certain bond strength.

Technical Parameters

Module Type


Max power Pmax (W)


Max power voltage Vmp (V)


Max power current Imp (A)


Open circuit voltage Voc (V)


Short circuit current Isc (A)


Module efficiency (%)


Power tolerance (W)


Standard testing environment

Irradiance 1000 W/m2, module temperature 25℃, air mass AM 1.5.

Mechanical parameters

Working parameters

Specification of cell  (mm)


Module weight (kg)


Max system voltage


Module size (L*W*H) (mm)


Working temperature


Number of cell

60 (6*10)

Max rated current of fuse


Number of diodes


Max front static load


Cable connector

MC4 compatible

Max back static load


Packaging information


Rated cell working temperature


Sectional area of cable (mm2)


Application class

Class A

Production Process


Ⅰ. Sorting Cell


Ⅱ. Automatic Welding


Ⅲ. Layering


Ⅳ. Semi-finished EI Test


Ⅴ. Lamination


Ⅵ. Removing burrs


Ⅶ. Lamination EI-Test


Ⅷ. Framing


Ⅸ. Curing


Ⅹ. Cleaning


ⅩⅠ. EI-Test


ⅩⅡ. Packing

Project Case

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Company Information

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  • The registered capital of Zibo Qineng Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is RMB 30 million . At present, the projects of Phase I and Phase II have 500MW photovoltaic module capacity, and the production line has film pasting, semi-piece, double glass, PERC and other most advanced production technologies.


  • Now we have passed ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, CE, TUV, CQC and other international certifications. Our products are exported to many countries, such as Japan, Germany, US, Korean, Singapore and India, etc.


  • We have cooperated with experienced shipping forwarders for many years, they arrange the shipment. No matter by express, by air or by sea, we will track the course of the goods all the way, to make sure goods arrive at you on time and in good condition.


  •  If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to establishing successful business relationships with clients around the world in the near future."
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